Everlast Double Face Veneer Saws - Alternate with Raker

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A saw specifically recommended for the cutting of double-sided veneered panels either with or against the grain. Splinter-free cuts in plywood. Also for cutting of veneer or hardwood strips for edge banding.

Alternate with Raker – AR – Similar configuration to ATB but every fifth tooth is a raker, which assists in reducing cutting pressure and material tearing during cutting. Can be used for rip cutting and cross cutting in a variety of hard woods, soft woods, plywood, and chipboard. This tooth configuration can be produced in a 2+1 or 3+1 design upon request.

Item # DiameterArborBoreGrindKerfManufacturerPlateTeeth Price Add To Cart
Compare DFV860 8 inN/A5/8 inAR0.115 in2.9 mmEverlast0.087 in60 $137.96 Add to cart
Compare DFV1080 10 inN/A5/8 inAR0.115 in2.9 mmEverlast0.087 in80 $180.88 Add to cart
Compare DFV1210 12 inN/A1 inAR0.125 in3.2 mmEverlast0.095 in100 $217.95 Add to cart
Compare DFV1410 14 inN/A1 inAR0.148 in3.8 mmEverlast0.118 in100 $274.59 Add to cart
Compare DFV1620 16 inN/A1 inAR0.148 in3.8 mmEverlast0.118 in120 $353.81 Add to cart