Everlast Double Face Laminate Saws - TC45

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The perfect saw for cutting double-sided materials such as Melamine, Kortron, and Veneer. Can be used on radial or table saws. The TC45 grind provides a stronger tooth for harder materials.

Modified Triple Chip Grind - TC45 - This design starts with TCG configuration, but the STR (raker) tooth has small 45 degree chamfer. The addition of this chamfer, along with special clearances, provides the best possible finish on double face laminate and solid surface materials. This design provides good service life with excellent surface finish on table saws and radial arm saws.

Item # BoreGrindKerfPlateTeeth Price Add To Cart
Compare DFL860 5/8 inTC450.115 in0.087 in60 $144.41 Add to cart
Compare DFL1080 5/8 inTC450.115 in0.087 in80 $187.97 Add to cart
Compare DFL1210 1 inTC450.125 in0.095 in100 $228.14 Add to cart
Compare DFL1410 1 inTC450.148 in0.118 in100 $274.59 Add to cart
Compare DFL1620 1 inTC450.148 in0.118 in120 $350.70 Add to cart
Compare DFL25080 TC450.115 in0.087 in80 $225.68 Add to cart