Everlast Astra Wood Saws - AGP - Alternate Top Bevel

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Everlast offers an alternative to the Forrest Woodworker II™* Blade. Exceptional rip and crosscut.

Alternate Top Bevel - ATB - Each tooth has top bevel typically between 10 and 20 degrees. Two teeth are required to provide a full kerf cut. Provides low cutting pressures, which reduce material tearing during the cutting process and provides a fine cutting finish. Best performance crosscutting.

Rated: Excellent and Very Good in Fine Woodworking Magazine.

*Trademark Forrest Manufacturing Company

Item # BoreGrindKerfPlateTeeth Price Add To Cart
Compare AGP1040 5/8 inATB0.115 in0.087 in40 $131.75 Add to cart
Compare AGP1060 5/8 inATB0.11 in0.08 in60 $203.82 Add to cart
Compare AGP1048 5/8 inATB0.125 in0.087 in48 $189.26 Add to cart
Compare AGP124058 5/8 inATB0.115 in0.095 in40 $234.73 Add to cart
Compare AGP1240 1 inATB0.115 in0.095 in40 $234.73 Add to cart
Compare AGP1260 1 inATB0.115 in0.095 in60 $281.11 Add to cart