Amana Timberline Ti-Cut™ Plastic Saw Blades

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No-melt saw blades are designed specifically with negative hook angles, which greatly reduces the tendency of chip-welding or melting of acrylic sheets. Plexiglas®, Lexant®, and other plastics and polycarbonates. Clamshell packed for display.

Laminate, Plastic, Melamine.

• Large (Micro-Grain) Carbide-Tipped Teeth • Hardened Bodies to avoid warpage • Expansion Slots to dissipate heat • Thin kerf for ease of cut and minimal waste

Product Information: • MTC Grind • Thin Kerf • Carbide-Tipped • Professional Quality • Clamshell Packaged

 Blades with 30mm bore include the following reduction bushings: 30mm to 1″, 30mm to 3/4″ and 30mm to 5/8″

Item # DiameterBoreGrindTeethUsage/System Price Add To Cart
Compare 10061-30 10 in30 mmMTC60Chop & Miter Saws $27.83 Add to cart
Compare 10061 10 in5/8 inMTC605/8 in $27.83 Add to cart