Amana Timberline Ti-Cut™ Aluminum & Non-Ferrous Saw Blades

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Specially designed carbide and blade geometry for cutting relatively thin-walled aluminum and non-ferrous extrusions and frames. A coolant or blade wax should be used and proper clamping devices employed.

• Large (Micro-Grain) Carbide-Tipped Teeth • Hardened Bodies to avoid warpage • Expansion Slots to dissipate heat • Thin kerf for ease of cut and minimal waste

Designed to cut: PVC, Non-Ferrous Metals, Copper, and Brass. Can also be used to cut ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) such as (Alucobond®, Dibond®, etc)

Product Information: • TC Grind • Thin Kerf • Carbide-Tipped • Professional Quality • Clamshell Packaged

: Never attempt to cut ferrous metals (steel, iron, etc.) with these saw blades.

Note: For optimal results and to extend tool life, please use mist lubricant system or air cooling. Please inspect cut and adjust accordingly.

Blades with 30mm bore include the following reduction bushings: 30mm to 1″, 30mm to 3/4″, and 30mm to 5/8″

Item # DiameterBoreGrindTeethUsage/System Price Add To Cart
Compare 10181 10 in5/8 inTCG80Chop & Miter Saws $33.34 Add to cart
Compare 10181-30 10 in30 mmTCG80Chop & Miter Saws $33.34 Add to cart
Compare 12096 12 in1 inTCG96Chop & Miter Saws $38.18 Add to cart
Compare 12096-30 12 in30 mmTCG96Chop & Miter Saws $38.18 Add to cart