Amana Timberline Fine Crosscut Blades

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This saw blade produces fine quality cuts when sizing plywood, MDF and other sheet goods with a portable circular saw.

Plywood. Plastic. Designed to cut: Softwood, Hardwood and Plywood.

Product Information: • TC Grind • Thin Kerf • Carbide-Tipped • Professional Quality • Clamshell Packaged

*Denotes 5/8″ arbor with diamond knockout.

Item # DiameterBoreGrindKerfPlateTeethUsage/System Price Add To Cart
Compare 175-41C 7 1/4 in5/8 inTCG.106 in2.7 mm.059 in1.5 mm40Portable Handheld Saws $17.93 Add to cart