Amana Tool Trim Saw Blades

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Amana Tool Industrial Catalog

Warning: Before use, read saw blade safety guidelines & general information in Amana Tool® Catalog.

Industrial Carbide-Tipped Saw Blades: Large European-style micrograin carbide tips; laser-cut expansion slots to assure plate stability; unique technology for perfect straightening, balancing, and tensioning; H2 concentric bore enables tight fit to eliminate both circular run-out and vibration; copper plugs to reduce turbulent noise and vibration; large gullets for improved chip clearance.

ELECTROBLU™ ECO-Friendly Non-Stick Coating reduces resin accumulation and heat build-up, tips stay sharper longer for extended blade life, applied by electrostatic bonding process.
Item # BoreGrindPlateTeeth Price Add To Cart
Compare 675600 5/8 inATB0.079 in58 $104.29 Add to cart
Compare 686400 5/8 inATB0.079 in64 $125.33 Add to cart
Compare 610800 5/8 inATB0.087 in80 $106.95 Add to cart
Compare 610800C 5/8 inATB0.087 in80 $112.02 Add to cart
Compare 610800-30 ATB0.087 in80 $106.95 Add to cart
Compare 612960 1 inATB0.087 in96 $185.29 Add to cart
Compare 612960-30 ATB0.087 in96 $185.29 Add to cart
Compare 614108 1 inATB0.098 in108 $170.85 Add to cart
Compare 614108-30 ATB0.098 in108 $170.85 Add to cart
Compare 616128 1 inATB0.098 in120 $286.54 Add to cart
Compare 618132 1 inATB0.11 in132 $345.23 Add to cart
Compare 220T640 ATB0.079 in64 $120.45 Add to cart