Amana Tool Radial Arm Saw Blades

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Designed especially for radial arm saws, sliding compound miter saws, and others with the blade above the workpiece, these blades minimize the tendency to self-feed. They feature a low tooth count and an ATB plus raker grind (typically used on combination blades). Excellent choice for cutting hardwood and softwood. For plywood, use tool #610720, which has a high tooth count and an ATB grind.

Warning: Before use, read saw blade safety guidelines in Amana’s catalog.


Item # DiameterBoreGrindPlateTeethAngleKerf Price Add To Cart
Compare RA1024 10 in (250 mm)5/8 inATB.095 in24-2 deg0.134 $100.80 Add to cart
Compare 610720 10 in (250 mm)5/8 inATB.095 in720 deg0.126 $151.65 Add to cart
Compare RA1236 12 in (300 mm)1 inATB.110 in360 deg0.15 $135.83 Add to cart
Compare RA1440 14 in (350 mm)1 in4&1.110 in40-2 deg0.165 $174.53 Add to cart
Compare RA1442 14 in (350 mm)1 inATB.110 in420 deg0.165 $158.63 Add to cart
Compare RA1640 16 in (400 mm)1 in4&1.118 in40-2 deg0.165 $192.23 Add to cart
Compare RA1648 16 in (400 mm)1 inATB.118 in480 deg0.165 $195.98 Add to cart