Amana Tool Miter/Double-Miter 4 ATB & 1 Raker

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Blades are true “Imperial” sizes.

Designed especially for use on the various styles of miter saws, as well as radial arm saws, this blade cuts crisp, chip-free miters in hardwood and softwood, in moldings, and picture frame stock. All of these blades feature the alternate top bevel plus rake grind (4 ATB + 1 raker), 2° negative hook angle, and a high tooth count to produce exactly what you want for tight miters—extremely smooth cuts.

Warning: NEVER attempt to cut ferrous metals (steel, iron, etc.) with these saw blades. When cutting non-ferrous metals, a coolant or blade wax should be used and proper clamping devices employed.

Warning: Before use, read saw blade safety guidelines on pages 306-608 of Amana’s catalog. 

Item # DiameterBoreGrindManufacturerPlateMachineTeethKerf Price Add To Cart
Compare MS12100-5/8 12 in5/8 in4&1Amana Tool.110 inPistorius, CTD1000.134 $242.59 Add to cart
Compare MS12800-5/8 12 in5/8 in4&1Amana Tool.110 inPistorius, CTD800.122 $214.65 Add to cart
Compare MS12800 12 in1 in4&1Amana Tool.110 inDewalt, Hitachi800.122 $214.65 Add to cart
Compare MS14100-5/8 14 in5/8 in4&1Amana Tool.118 inPistorius, CTD1000.15 $261.30 Add to cart
Compare MS14100 14 in1 in4&1Amana Tool.118 inMakita1000.15 $261.30 Add to cart
Compare MS15100 15 in1 in4&1Amana Tool.098 inHitachi1000.118 $270.60 Add to cart