Amana Tool Holz-Her® Panel Saws

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Designed specifically for the Holz-Her® 220mm panel saws. Blades are available for general purpose cutting, crosscutting, and sawing laminates, melamine, acrylic, and other plastics and solid surface materials. Blades with tips made of the high-performance Ditec™ carbide, an Amana Tool® exclusive, are also included in this line.

Note: P.H. denotes pin-hole configuration, if applicable. Example: 2/10/60 = 2 @ 10mm dia on 60mm circle.

Warning: Before use, read saw blade safety guidelines on pages 306-608 of Amana’s catalog.

Item # DiameterApplicationBoreGrindKerfManufacturerPinholesPlateTeethAngle Price Add To Cart
Compare 220T640 220 mmCrosscut Wood30 mmATB0.118Amana Tool2/7/42.079 in6410 deg $120.45 Add to cart
Compare 220T641 220 mmLaminate/MDF30 mmTCG0.118Amana Tool2/7/42.079 in6410 deg $133.01 Add to cart
Compare LB220T641 220 mmPlastic Non-Melt30 mmTCG0.126Amana Tool2/7/42.079 in64-2 deg $146.36 Add to cart
Compare DT220T640 220 mm30 mmH-ATB0.126Amana Tool2/7/42.079 in64 $144.71 Add to cart
Compare 220T340 220 mmGeneral Purpose30 mmATB0.118Amana Tool2/7/42.079 in3410 deg $71.74 Add to cart
Compare MB220T420 220 mmMelamine30 mmH-ATB0.11Amana Tool2/7/42.087 in42-6 deg $146.29 Add to cart
Compare DT220T641 220 mm30 mmTCG0.126Amana Tool2/7/422.2 mm6410 deg $130.58 Add to cart