Amana A.G.E. Series Steel For Use W/Low RPM Specialty Saws

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The ideal blade for cutting all metals.

Designed to easily cut through steel studs, steel sheets, metal rods, steel pipes, channels, and rebar*. Specially designed carbide grade resists breakage and lasts longer than standard carbide or abrasive discs. The ideal blade for cutting through all sorts of metal due to its unique tooth geometry, special carbide, and its chip limiting steel support.

Carbide-Tipped Blades for Alloy & Virgin Steels:
-Special carbide grade resists breakage, lasts longer
-Cuts through alloy and virgin steels
-Chip limiting steel support to prevent over feeding
-Can be re-sharpened for increased value 

*Cutting high strength rebar materials will reduce blade life due to material toughness.

Warning: Not to be used on multi-purpose cut-off saws or gas powered saws. Not recommended for cutting non-ferrous alloys, wood, glass, concrete, or plastic.
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Compare STL160-48 FWF0.079 in0.063 in48 $78.34 Add to cart
Compare STL180-36 FWF0.86 in0.07 in36 $78.90 Add to cart
Compare STL185-48 FWF0.86 in0.07 in48 $84.98 Add to cart
Compare STL203-42 WWF0.071 in0.051 in42 $85.84 Add to cart
Compare STL230-48 TCG0.079 in0.063 in48 $93.30 Add to cart
Compare STL254-52 30 mmTCG0.075 in0.063 in52 $98.93 Add to cart
Compare STL305-60 WWF0.086 in0.07 in60 $111.94 Add to cart
Compare STL305-80 WWF0.086 in0.07 in80 $139.95 Add to cart
Compare STL355-72 $144.71 Add to cart
Compare STL355-90 WWF0.094 in0.078 in90 $186.60 Add to cart