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Whiteside Machine Router Bit Sets

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American owned and operated

  • Made from solid alloy steel
  • Precision ground for proper balance at high rpms
  • Uses the highest quality American made micrograin carbide
  • High hook and relief angles make for better chip ejection
  • Made with thick carbide for extra sharpenings
  • Superior edge quality compared to other manufacturers
Item # ManufacturerShankIncludes Price Add To Cart
Compare 600 Whiteside Machine1/2 in 3/8 in Straight, 3/8 in Half Round, 1/2 in Straight, 1/2 in Half Round, 5/8 in Straight, 5/8 in Half Round, 3/4 in Straight, and 3/4 in Half Round $249.88 Add to cart
Compare 410 Whiteside Machine1/2 inStraight, Rabbeting, 45™ Chamfer, Roundover, Cove, Flush Trim, SC Spiral Upcut, 3-Wing Slot Cutter, Slot Cutter Arbor, Dovetail + Bearings and Hex Key $308.18 Add to cart
Compare 705 Whiteside Machine1/4 in2 Conical Ball Nose Spirals, 1 Upcut Spiral, 2 V-Groove $169.06 Add to cart
Compare 470 Whiteside Machine1/2 inTwo Flute. Solid Carbide Straight Bit, 2 Carbide-Tipped Straight Bits $61.87 Add to cart
Compare 706 Whiteside Machine1/4 inPointed Roundover, Plunge Roundover, 60 deg V-Groove, Cove Nose Spiral, 2 Round Nose $158.30 Add to cart
Compare 708 Whiteside Machine1/4 inEight 1/4 Engraving Bits w/ included angle range from 15 to 90 deg $192.24 Add to cart
Compare 401 Whiteside Machine1/2 in 1/4 in Straight, 1/2 in Straight, 3/8 in radius Roundover, 3/8 x 1/2 in Rabbet, 3/8 in radius Cove, 45° Chamfer, and 1/2 in Flush Trim. $130.88 Add to cart
Compare 402 Whiteside Machine1/4 in 1/4 in Straight, 1/2 in Straight, 3/8 in radius Roundover, 3/8 x 1/2 in Rabbet, 3/8 in radius Cove, 45° Chamfer, 1/2 in Flush Trim $130.88 Add to cart
Compare 501 Whiteside Machine 1/2 in The most common radii (R1/4, R3/8, R1/2 inches) in 1/2 in shanks, plus a hefty 3/4 in radius workhorse. Extra bearings & wrench included $130.88 Add to cart
Compare 502 Whiteside Machine1/4 in Range of sizes - R1/8, R3/16” R1/4, R3/8, R1/2 inches, plus bearings & wrench $130.88 Add to cart
Compare 703 Whiteside Machine1/4 in2 Ball Nose Spirals, 1 Conical Ball Nose Spiral $101.04 Add to cart
Compare 404 Whiteside Machine1/4 inTemplate Bit, 45 deg Chamfer Bit, 1/8 in Roundover Bit, and Flush Trim Bit $95.94 Add to cart
Compare 709 Whiteside Machine various General Purpose Set - 1502, 1550, RU2100, RU1600, RD2100, RD1600, RU2075RN, RU1800RN, SC64 $232.90 Add to cart
Compare 706 $158.30 Add to cart
Compare 714 Whiteside Machinevarious The Works - 1502, 1550, 1568, 6210, RU2100, UD2102, RU1800RN, RU2075RN, RU1601A, RU2074A, SC50, SC54, SC64, SC70 $399.50 Add to cart

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