Freud Insert Bevel Trim Bits

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Creates a clean, beveled edge for plastic laminate

-Replacement throw-away knives (CG01MBA3 12mmx12mmx1.5mm - 4 cutting edges) can be rotated for multiple cutting edges so you always have a sharp edge
-Cuts all plastic laminates
-Use on hand-held routers, laminate trimmers, and table-mounted portable routers.

Item # Cut Height /LengthOverall LengthShankAngle Price Add To Cart
Compare 43-204 29/64 in2 1/4 in $124.28 Add to cart
Compare 43-208 7/16 in2 1/4 in $125.15 Add to cart
Compare 43-216 15/64 in2 5/8 in $126.36 Add to cart