Freud Flush & Bevel Trim Bits

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Application: Trimming plastic laminate with straight or bevel edge on a router equipped with a guide system

-Bit 41-402 is self-guided and comes with two bearings that spread wear evenly on the cutting edge and allows the bit to straight trim or create a 45° bevel.
-Cuts all plastic laminates.
-Bit 68-100 is solid carbide.
-Use on hand-held routers, table-mounted portable routers, and laminate trimmers equipped with a guiding system.

Item # DiameterCut Height/LengthAngleMinor HeightOverall LengthShankManufacturer Price Add To Cart
Compare 41-300 15/32 in1/2 in30°3/16 in1 25/32 in1/4 inFreud Tools $16.75 Add to cart
Compare 68-100 1/4 in3/8 in11/64 in1 1/2 in1/4 inFreud Tools $14.58 Add to cart
Compare 41-402 7/8 in5/8 in45°39/64 in2 1/4 in1/4 inFreud Tools $27.22 Add to cart