Freud Three Piece Lettering & Sign Bit Set

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Freud’s 3-Piece Lettering and Signmaking Set offers the essential combination of router bits for 2D and 3D carving, pocketing, dish carving, and lettering, in wood, wood composites, plastics, and aluminum. These bits are also ideal for CNC machines. Great choice for 2D and 3D carving work in plastics or wood.

Bit design allows you to make fast cuts with very efficient chip and dust evacuation. Use on CNC and other automatic routers as well as hand-held and table-mounted portable routers. Freud Premier Solid Carbide.

Ideal For: Ideal for wood, wood composites, plastics (hard & soft), and aluminum for 2D & 3D carving

18-106 Round Nose
19-102 Dish Carving
70-103 Engraving V-Groove

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Compare 87-408 Round nose bit, dish carving bit, Engraving V-Groove bitFreud Tools3-Piece Lettering/Sign Bit Set for sign lettering, relief carving, engraving, 2D-3D carving $64.57 Add to cart