Freud Lock Miter Bits

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Creates interlocking corner joints

-Run one board vertically and the piece to be joined horizontally
-99-035 cuts thinner panels for projects such as humidors and jewelry boxes
-Cuts all composition materials, plywoods, hardwoods, and softwoods
-Use on CNC and other automatic routers, as well as table-mounted portable routers
Item # Cut Height /LengthOverall LengthShankAngle Price Add To Cart
Compare 99-034 1 5/32 in2 5/8 in45 $118.34 Add to cart
Compare 99-035 7/8 in2 3/8 in45 $104.05 Add to cart
Compare 99-043 7/8 in2 3/8 in22.5 $123.02 Add to cart