Freud Wide Crown Molding System

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Milling 5/12" wide crown molding for ceilings

Crown molding is the perfect way to transform a room, giving height and elegance to an otherwise ordinary ceiling. Using commercially manufactured wide crown molding is expensive, hard to find, and the selection of available wood species is limited. Now, thanks to Freud's unique Wide Crown Molding bits, woodworkers can mill their own 5 1/2" wide crown molding economically and in their choice of wood and profile. These bits are the only router tooling capable of producing such wide crown molding, and they also feature a carefully designed shape that lets you mix and match profiles to produce precisely the shape you need. Up to nine different profiles from only six bits!

The concept is easy: each bit produces half of the molding profile. Three bits are designed for the upper half of the molding, and three produce the lower half. Each bit features a sweeping curve that transitions perfectly into the corresponding curve of the adjoining profile. Just select the upper and lower profiles that match your favorite design. Then use Freud's Molding Bevel Cutter to rout perfect 38° and 52° bevels on the stock to finish the job.

-Mill 5 1/2" wide crown molding from almost any hardwood or softwood.
-Mix and match bits for upper and lower profiles to produce nine different designs.
-Use only a router table with a minimum 6" high fence; mill in three or more passes.
-Use featherboards and hold downs to hold stock down and against the fence.
-Use pusher blocks or a push stick to feed stock. Make test cuts in scrap stock first.

Item # Cut Height /LengthOverall LengthProfileShankType Price Add To Cart
Compare 99-414 3 in4 7/16 inUpper 1Upper Profiles $86.01 Add to cart
Compare 99-416 3 in4 7/16 inUpper 3Upper Profiles $86.01 Add to cart
Compare 99-418 3 in4 7/16 inUpper 5Upper Profiles $86.01 Add to cart
Compare 99-415 3 1/16 in4 9/16 inLower 2Lower Profiles $86.01 Add to cart
Compare 99-417 3 1/16 in4 9/16 inLower 4Lower Profiles $86.01 Add to cart
Compare 99-419 3 1/16 in4 9/16 inLower 6Lower Profiles $86.01 Add to cart
Compare 99-421 1 3/8 in2 13/16 inMolding Bevel Cutter $86.01 Add to cart