Freud Reversible Wainscoting Bit

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For milling matching joints in wainscoting

-Works with stock from 1/2" to 5/8" thick, and mills matching frame joints with remarkable ease and precision.
-Bit height is set one time for male and female joints without requiring fence or height adjustments. Just rout stiles face down and rails face up for a perfect fit.
-Versatile design: after routing the matching profiles, if using panels, rout a rabbit on the back to accept the tongue of a raised panel in 3/4" stock.
-Cuts all composition materials, plywood, hardwood, and softwood.
-Use on hand-held and table-mounted portable routers.

EOASAW - Freud Reversible Wainscoting BitEOASAW - Freud Reversible Wainscoting Bit
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