Freud Base and Cap Bits

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Application: Mill base or traditional “mop” boards in any width

-Ideal for renovators who need to match old, extra-high base moldings.
-Bits can be used to rout base cap only, or to profile the edge of wide base molding.
-Choose your favorite wood to suit the room.
-Use with hardwood or softwood to mill stain grade molding.
-Use with table-mounted, CNC, or automatic routers.

Note: for best results make two or more passes

*Base molding bit routs a variety of standard base profiles, including 618, 620, 623, and 624

Item # DiameterCut Height/LengthManufacturerOverall LengthShankProfile Price Add To Cart
Compare 99-480 1 3/4 in1 1/2 inFreud Tools3 in1/2 inBase Cap #163 $69.47 Add to cart
Compare 99-484 1 11/16 in1 1/2 inFreud Tools2 3/8 in1/2 inBase Molding $69.47 Add to cart
Compare 99-482 1 11/16 in15/32 inFreud Tools2 7/8 in1/2 inBase Cap #166 $53.18 Add to cart