Amana Professional Quality Handy 24-PC Router Bit Set

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In a handy designed carrying/storage case (patent design pending). Heavy duty plastic case holds router bits securely for storage and transporting to work sites. All the popular sizes in one convenient case.

1/4″ Shank
Professional Quality Carbide-Tipped
Custom made hardwood storage case included


Straight bit 1/4″ Dia.
Straight bit 3/8″ Dia.
Straight bit 1/2″ Dia.
Straight bit 3/4″ Dia.
Mortising bit 1/2″ Dia.
9° Dovetail bit 3/8″ Dia.
14° Dovetail bit 1/2″ Dia.
(2) Flush Trim bit 3/8″ Dia.
Flush Trim bit 1/2″ Dia.
Cove bit 1/4″ Radius, 7/8″ Dia.
90° ‘V’ Groove bit, 1/2″ Dia.
Core Box bit 1/4″ Radius, 1/2″ Dia.
Core Box bit 1-1/4″ Radius, 1/2″ Dia.
Cove bit 3/8″ Radius, 1-1/8″ Dia.
Corner Round bit 1/2″ Radius, 1-1/2″ Dia.
Corner Round bit 3/8″ Radius, 1-1/4″ Dia.
Corner Round bit 1/4″ Radius, 1″ Dia.
Corner Round bit 3/16″ Radius, 7/8″ Dia.
Rabbet bit 7/16″ Dia.
Rabbet bit 3/8″ Dia.
45° Chamfer 1-1/4″ Dia.
Roman Ogee bit 1/4″ Radius, 1-3/8″ Dia.
Roman Ogee bit 5/32″ Radius, 1″ Dia.
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