Amana Tool High Performance Fiberglass & Composite End Mill

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Amana Tool offers an array of unique extended life Aluminum Titanium Nitride (AlTiN) coated router bits for all your fiberglass application needs. Premium AlTiN coating provides double the hardness of cutting edges, resulting in quantum increases in productivity, either in terms of speed or longevity, with or without coolant. Coating helps prevent edge failures due from vibration and shock during CNC and manual feed applications. Combination 2 flute end mill/diamond-cut router bit for improved facing finishes on fiberglass and composites. The 2 flute center cutting end mill face provides ultimate strength.

Router collet reducer RB-102 (1/4-1/8) available for 1/8″ shank bits.

Part #46486-CVD: Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) coating for longer tool life. 10-flute cutting center.

Excellent for Cutting:

-Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP)
-Composite Materials
-Fiberglass PCB Board
-G10/FR-4 & G11/FR-5
-Glass Epoxy Composite Laminate Material
-Fiber Reinformed Plastic (FRP)
-Edging & Slotting All Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP)

AlTiN coating has many benefits:
•Extra wear resistance
•Allows for faster feed and speed rates
•Cutting edge protected from wear
•Better chip evacuation
•Less heat build up
•Superior cutting quality and extended tool life

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Compare 48050-E 1/8 in1/2 in1 1/2 in1/8 in $28.01 Add to cart
Compare 48052-E 1/4 in1 in3 in1/4 in $59.74 Add to cart
Compare 48054-E 1/4 in2 1/8 in4 in1/4 in $68.14 Add to cart
Compare 48055-E 3/8 in1 in3 in3/8 in $74.66 Add to cart
Compare 48058-E 1/2 in1 1/8 in3 in1/2 in $109.20 Add to cart