Amana Tool Production Shear 2-Flute 3° Downshear

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In choosing a straight bit for any application, always select one with the shortest cutting edges and the shortest overall length that will reach the required cut depth. Excessive length intensifies deflection and vibration, which degrades cut quality and leads to tool breakage.

Excellent for working composition board and melamine, this bit cuts with a shearing action, slicing very slightly downward to prevent chipping and tearing of the surface veneer or coating. It augers chips away from the router. Designed primarily for production applications where the router is above the work.

Item # DiameterCut Height/LengthFlute GeometryFluteOverall LengthShank Price Add To Cart
Compare 45414-PS 3/8 in1 inDowncut22 3/4 in1/2 in $25.31 Add to cart
Compare 45420-PS 1/2 in1 1/4 inDowncut22 7/8 in1/2 in $27.83 Add to cart
Compare 45422-PS 1/2 in1 1/2 inDowncut23 1/8 in1/2 in $28.61 Add to cart
Compare 45426-PS 1/2 in2 inDowncut24 1/4 in1/2 in $37.05 Add to cart