Amana Tool Corner Rounding 2-Flute with Ultra-Glide™ Ball Bearing Guide Assembly

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Use this bit for rounding edges where there’s access to a flat surface for the Ultra-Glide™ non-marring bearing to reference. Used in concert with either the Countertop (“No Drip”) Design bit or the corner rounding bit with a radius bearing, this bit will produce a no-drip edge or a bullnose in two passes.

Item # DiameterCut DepthCut Height /LengthFlutesOverall LengthRadiusShank Price Add To Cart
Compare 57147 3/4 inN/A3/8 in2 w/Nylon Bearing2 5/16 in1/8 in1/2 in $47.48 Add to cart
Compare 57149 1 inN/A1/2 in2 w/Nylon Bearing2 7/16 in1/4 in1/2 in $47.48 Add to cart
Compare 57152 1 1/8 in3/4 in1/2 in2 w/Nylon Bearing2 1/4 in5/16 in1/2 in $45.26 Add to cart
Compare 57139 1 1/2 inN/A3/4 in2 w/Nylon Bearing2 3/8 in1/2 in1/2 in $58.35 Add to cart
Compare 57141 2 inN/A1 in2 w/Nylon Bearing2 3/8 in3/4 in1/2 in $79.99 Add to cart
Compare 57150 3/4 in1/2 in2 w/Nylon Bearing1 7/8 in5/16 in1/4 in $51.08 Add to cart