Amana Tool Vertical Raised Panel Carbide-Tipped 2-Flute

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Raised panels with a low horsepower, fixed speed router using these patented VERTICAL raised panel bits. You must do the work on a router table, with the work on edge, braced against the fence. Arched or curved shapes (i.e. “cathedral” door panels) cannot be routed. To prolong tool life and achieve the best cut finish, several passes are recommended.

Profile Sample #54532

Item # DiameterCut Height/LengthDiameter (D1)FluteOverall LengthShankTypeAngle Price Add To Cart
Compare 54520 1 3/16 in1 5/8 in7/16 in23 1/8 in1/2 inOgee $68.33 Add to cart
Compare 54524 1 1/8 in1 5/8 in9/32 in23 1/8 in1/2 inCove $70.91 Add to cart
Compare 54528 1 3/16 in1 5/8 in3/16 in23 1/8 in1/2 inOgee w/Bead $53.25 Add to cart
Compare 54532 1 1/8 in1 5/8 in19/32 in23 1/8 in1/2 inTraditional15 $68.33 Add to cart