Amana Tool Rabbet Carbide-Tipped 2-Flute w/Ball Bearing Guide

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A basic rabbeting bit. Cuts 3/8″ wide and up to 1/2″ deep. Switch to one of four optional ball bearing guides to alter the width of cut. Use in a handheld or table-mounted router.

Also refer to: Replacement Bearings

Includes miniature:

The smallest guide bearings in the industry!

If you’ve often wanted to trim and shape small details in tight corners but were disappointed by the scoring and burning left behind by solid pilot bits, we’ve got what you’ve been looking for: eight of the most commonly used profiles in miniature sizes—complete with miniature ball bearing guides. These bits are perfect for signs, lettering, small boxes, and musical instruments; essentially any project that requires tiny flush trimming or shaping. Don’t let the small size fool you; these bits are precisely machined and carbide-tipped.

A two-flute bit is a good general-purpose choice, providing fast cuts and good finishes. Excellent for template work.

-3/16″ bearings stay cool, unlike brass pilots
-Rout the most intricate contours for delicate projects
-Perfect for crafters & hobbyists
-Fine musical instruments

Item # DiameterCut DepthCut Height/LengthDiameter (D1)FluteOverall LengthRadiusShankSpecs-Misc Price Add To Cart
Compare MR0101 5/16 in1/16 in1/2 in3/16 in2 w/Bearing2 inN/A1/4 inRabbet $26.33 Add to cart
Compare MR0100 7/16 in1/8 in1/2 in3/16 in2 w/Bearing1 7/8 inN/A1/4 inRabbet $28.35 Add to cart
Compare 49302 1 1/4 in3/8 in1/2 in2 w/Bearing2 3/8 in1/2 in $39.11 Add to cart
Compare 49300 3/8 in1/2 in2 w/Bearing2 in1/4 in $37.09 Add to cart
Compare RC-49300 3/8 in1/2 in2 w/Bearing1 7/8 in1/4 in $40.76 Add to cart