Amana Tool Stub Spindle & Cope Cutter Door System Carbide-Tipped 2-Flute

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Want the beauty of traditional cope and stick doors with the strength and longevity of true mortise-and-tenon joinery? Our design allows you to make beautiful doors with tenons of any length you choose.

This unique door-making system utilizes a “stub” spindle & cope cutter arrangement. The counterbored cope cutter is secured to the spindle with a cap screw. A matching profile bit is used to shape the decorative ogee “sticking” along the edges of the stiles and rails. As the cope is cut on the ends of the rails, the tenon passes over the top of the bit unobstructed.

Each stub spindle & cope cutter includes a full color instruction manual.

Sample – Screen/Cabinet Door:

Item # DiameterCut Height/LengthDiameter (D1)FluteMaterialOverall LengthRadiusShankTypeUsage/System Price Add To Cart
Compare 47511 2 in5/8 in3/4 in21 3/4"2 in11/32 in1/2 inCope Cutter w/Stub SpindleEntry Door $74.66 Add to cart
Compare 54131 1 3/4 in11/16 in21 3/4"2 3/16 in11/32 in1/2 inOgee BitEntry Door $73.50 Add to cart
Compare 47513 1 1/2 in15/32 in3/4 in21 1/8"2 in7/32 in1/2 inCope Cutter w/Stub SpindleScreen Door $55.99 Add to cart
Compare 54173 1 1/4 in15/32 in21 1/8"1 7/16 in7/32 in1/2 inOgee BitScreen Door $46.65 Add to cart
Compare 47515 1 5/8 in3/8 in3/4 in27/8"2 in1/4 in1/2 inCope Cutter w/Stub SpindleCabinet Door $65.33 Add to cart
Compare 54175 1 3/8 in3/8 in27/8"1 31/32 in1/4 in1/2 inOgee BitCabinet Door $55.99 Add to cart