Amana Tool Dado Clean-Out Carbide-Tipped 2-Flute Router Bits

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Bits are designed with a 1/4″ cutting edge for dado clean-out. Also used in hardwood and flooring medallions.

This bit is essentially a plunge-cutting straight with a shank-mounted ball bearing pilot. Versatile; useful for template/pattern routing of parts, joints, internal cuts, and can be used in handheld and table-mounted routers.

The template is attached to the workpiece, and the pilot bearing rides along its edge as the cutting edges rout the workpiece, forming an exact duplicate of the template. With a handheld router, the pattern is on top of the work; with a table-mounted router, the pattern is underneath the work.

sample template:

Item # DiameterCut Height/LengthFluteOverall LengthShankType Price Add To Cart
Compare 45475-S 3/8 in1/4 in21 3/4 in1/4 inDouble Bearing $26.06 Add to cart
Compare 45489-S 1/2 in1/8 in21 3/4 in1/4 in $26.06 Add to cart
Compare 45474-S 9/16 in3/8 in21 27/32 in1/4 inTambour groove/slot bit $45.94 Add to cart
Compare 45462-S 5/8 in1/4 in21 3/4 in1/4 in $37.80 Add to cart
Compare 45464-S 3/4 in1/4 in21 3/4 in1/4 in $40.28 Add to cart
Compare 45460-S 1/4 in21 5/8 in1/4 in $33.49 Add to cart