Amana Tool 14° Dovetail Carbide-Tipped 2-Flute w/Upper Ball Bearings

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The dovetail joint is the strongest construction method for drawers, boxes, chests, and fine casework. Amana Tool® designs the bits needed by many router dovetail jigs that require cutting half-blind and through dovetails. We carry the bits for name-brand dovetail jigs, including Leigh®, Keller™, Omnijig®, and Incra®.

This dovetail bit has a shank-mounted ball bearing guide for routing dovetail slots following a template and pattern routing. The template must be mounted between the workpiece and the router. With a handheld router, the template must be on top of the workpiece. With a table-mounted router, the template must be underneath the workpiece.

Item # DiameterCut Height/LengthFluteOverall LengthShankTypeAngle Price Add To Cart
Compare 45850 1/2 in1/2 in2 w/Bearing2 1/4 in1/4 inDovetail14 º $37.88 Add to cart
Compare 45852 3/4 in3/4 in2 w/Bearing3 in1/2 inDovetail14 º $38.93 Add to cart