Amana Tool Combination Bevel & Flush Trim Carbide-Tipped Single & 2-Flute

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Cut, trim, and bevel laminates with this one bit. Change depth-of-cut setting to shift from flush to bevel trimming. Must be used with an edge or bearing guide or fence. Designed specifically for use in laminate trimmers.

Sample (#51100):

Item # DiameterB1Cut Height/LengthFluteOverall LengthShankAngle Price Add To Cart
Compare 51100 1/2 in19/64 in1/2 in21 3/4 in1/4 in23° $18.71 Add to cart
Compare 51400 11/32 in19/64 in1/2 in21 5/8 in1/4 in22.5° $18.71 Add to cart
Compare 51600 13/32 inN/A9/32 in215/16 in1/4 in22° $20.03 Add to cart