Amana Tool Architectural Molding Carbide-Tipped 2-Flute w/Ball Bearing Guide

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These bits are designed for routing architectural and furniture moldings and trim. Almost all have the profile laid out vertically, reducing the diameter of the bit. These bits should be used in a 2+ horsepower, table-mounted router, and many should be run at reduced speed. Although most have ball bearing guides, guiding the cuts with the fence is recommended.

Item # DiameterBearing(s)Cut Height/LengthDiameter (D1)FluteOverall LengthRadius R1/Large RadiusR2/Small RadiusRadius (R3)ShankType Price Add To Cart
Compare 54220 1 in1 11/16 in2 w/Bearing3 1/4 in1/8 in7/8 in3/8 inN/A1/2 in#4 $62.48 Add to cart
Compare 54222 1 3/8 in1 5/8 in2 w/Bearing3 1/2 in1/8 in3/32 in1/4 in7/16 in1/2 in#8 $93.30 Add to cart
Compare 54224 1 3/8 in1 5/8 in7/8 in2 w/Bearing3 1/2 in1/8 in1/16 in1/4 in7/16 in1/2 in#9 $102.68 Add to cart
Compare 54234 1 3/16 in47716, Amana Tool Metric 5mm ID x 16mm OD x 5mm Thick Steel Ball Bearing Guide1 3/8 in2 w/Bearing3 1/4 in1/2 in1/4 inN/AN/A1/2 in#12 $102.68 Add to cart