Amana Tool Architectural Door Carbide-Tipped 2-Flute w/Ball Bearing Guide - Raised Panel, Stile & Rail, Door Edge

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Architectural Door Router Bits – Architectural Stile & Rail, Raised Panel, Door Edge

Item # DiameterB1Cut Height/LengthFluteOverall LengthRadiusShankType Price Add To Cart
Compare 55428 1 15/32 in55/64 in1 in2 w/Bearing2 1/2 in1/4 in1/2 inStile & Rail Set $116.63 Add to cart
Compare 54113 1/2 in2 w/Bearing2 1/4 in5/32 in1/2 inRaised Panel $134.59 Add to cart
Compare 49534 7/16 in2 w/Bearing1 15/16 in7/32 in1/2 inDoor Edge $65.33 Add to cart