Amana Tool Dicut™ Laminate Cutter - Carbide Tipped

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Quality craftsmanship in your work requires the highest quality hand tools. Dicut™ is a precision cutting tool made with perfectly ground carbide edges for fast, accurate cutting and scoring of laminates, plastics, Plexiglas®, and other materials. Tool features lightweight steel construction, special ‘safety-grip’ plastic coated handle, and carbide-tips that can be re-sharpened. Packaged in a colorful, attractive clamshell.

Useful for precision cutting of Formica®, plastic, and Plexiglas®.

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Compare 20003 Amana ToolUseful for precision cutting of: Formica™, plastic and Plexiglas™.Carbide Tipped Ditec™ Laminate Cutter $18.11 Add to cart