Viking Drill & Tool Fractional Spiral Flute Semi-Bottoming Taps - 52° Spiral Type 39-UBN Titanium Nitride: Metric

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Titanium Nitride coating adds lubricity and hardness, enhancing chip flow, finish hole quality, and drill life.

Right Hand Hi-Helix Flutes – Ground Thread – High Speed Steel • Semi-bottoming style can be used for plug or bottoming applications  • Helical flutes provide shear cutting to facilitate evacuation of chips from the hole.

 52º Helix Angle – Can be used for plug or bottoming applications •Allows for threading close to bottom or blind holes •Recommended for tapping deep holes in copper, brass, aluminum and other soft ductile materials

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Compare 69333 D4314.00 x .70 $28.96 Add to cart
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Compare 69383 D63110.00 x 1.50 $51.32 Add to cart
Compare 69393 D63112.00 x 1.75 $60.92 Add to cart