Viking Drill & Tool Weldout™ Spotweld Super Cobalt High Speed Steel Gold Finish Heavy Duty Spur Point Type 493-D

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This rugged high performance drill is designed to effectively cut auto body panel spot welds.

The modified point on the Type 493-D drill is chip resistant with slightly greater penetration into the second panel.

Item # No. of PiecesOverall LengthAdditional DetailUnit Price Price Add To Cart
Compare 66180 52 1/4 in5/16 in Approx Spotweld Size$13.61 $70.64 Add to cart
Compare 66190 52 1/4 in3/8 in Approx Spotweld Size$20.16 $104.63 Add to cart
Compare 37671 53.62 in5/16 in Approx Spotweld Size$25.91 $134.47 Add to cart
Compare 37681 53.62 in3/8 in Approx Spotweld Size$36.61 $190.01 Add to cart