Diablo Tools Impact Step Bits

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Diablo’s new Step Drill Bits bring exclusive technology to the Electrician, Plumber, and HVAC contractor with fast, accurate cuts and increased stability in thin metals, PVC, and other plastic materials. The innovative Split Point Tip design enables a fast, on-point start that results in increased durability and up to 4X longer life. An automated precision grinding process on each step reduces wear and delivers 2X faster cuts.

Multiple hole sizes are made easy with laser etched step markings while increased step heights for common hole sizes makes drilling holes more efficient and faster.

Designed with a ¼” hex shank, these bits are impact ready and can be used with drills and impact drivers.

DSD1375S15 has 3/8″ shank with 3 flats; it is not compatible with impact drivers.

-Split Point Tip (132°) makes pre-drilling obsolete and stays sharper longer, resulting in increased speed, maximum durability, and up to 6X longer life
-Automated Precision CNC Grinding Process delivers strict angle tolerances on each step for minimal bit wear and 2X faster cuts in drilling and hole making
-Exclusive design delivers corded and cordless tool efficiency in high-speed mode for up to 75% more holes per battery charge
-1/4″ hex shank allows use with drills and impact drivers
-Optimized dual flute design for jam-free cuts
-Increased step heights for easier drilling of common hole sizes
-Easy to read, laser marked steps for drilling holes of varying sizes

-Ideal for metal (up to 1/8” thickness), PVC, and other plastic materials

-Ideal for electrical, plumbing, and HVAC contractors

EOASAW - Diablo Tools Impact Step Bits
Item # DiameterLengthShankSteps Price Add To Cart
Compare DSD0500S13 1/2 in3 1/32 in1/4" Hex13 Steps $31.83 Add to cart
Compare DSD0500S06 1/2 in3 3/8 in1/4" Hex6 Steps $28.30 Add to cart
Compare DSD0750S09 3/4 in2 19/32 in1/4" Hex9 Steps $35.36 Add to cart
Compare DSD0875S12 7/8 in2 3/4 in1/4" Hex12 Steps $38.90 Add to cart
Compare DSD1125S17 1 1/8 in3 1/32 in1/4" Hex17 Steps $61.88 Add to cart
Compare DSD1375S15 1 13/8 in2 29/32 in3/8" CYL15 Steps $67.18 Add to cart