Amana Tool Solid Carbide Metric V-Point Boring Drills

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Application: Boring machines for shelving hardware, etc. Use with adapters or bushings.

Not to be used in portable drills or handheld routers.

Item # DiameterOverall LengthRotationShank Price Add To Cart
Compare 463002 2 mm49 inLeft2 mm $22.42 Add to cart
Compare 363002 2 mm49 inRight2 mm $22.42 Add to cart
Compare 463025 2.5 mm55 inLeft2.5 mm $23.32 Add to cart
Compare 363025 2.5 mm55 inRight2.5 mm $23.32 Add to cart
Compare 363007 5 mm55 inRight5 mm $36.05 Add to cart