Techniks ISO 30, ISO 40 Toolholders for CNC Routers

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Techniks Retention Knobs Sold Separately

  • Balanced to 25,000 RPM at G2.5
  • PowerCoat nut included for 75% more clamping power
  • T.I.R. 0.0001″ or better from taper to collet pocket
Item # DiameterFlatsLengthSpecs-MiscWrenchList Price Price Add To Cart
Compare 42407-W Toolholder Diameter: 50mm14100 mmISO 30 x ER11, mini nut4621$216.00 $172.80 Add to cart
Compare 12000-CMS Toolholder Diameter: 46mm3658 mmISO 30 x ER32, CMS Toolholder4617$321.00 $256.80 Add to cart
Compare 42213-W-50 Toolholder Diameter: 50mm4750 mmISO 30 x ER32, slotted nut4616$212.00 $169.60 Add to cart
Compare 42213-W-63 Toolholder Diameter: 50mm3663 mmISO 30 x ER32, slotted nut4616212.00 $169.60 Add to cart
Compare 42213-W-90 Toolholder Diameter: 50mm3690 mmISO 30 x ER32, slotted nut4616$318.00 $254.40 Add to cart
Compare 42215-W-57 Toolholder Diameter: 50mm4757 mmISO 30 x ER40, slotted nut4617$295.00 $236.00 Add to cart
Compare 12040-CMS Toolholder Diameter: 46mm4266 mmISO 30 x ER40, CMS Toolholder4616$440.00 $352.00 Add to cart
Compare 42261-W Toolholder Diameter: 63.55mm4670 mmISO 40 x ER404617$236.00 $188.80 Add to cart