Techniks DIN 69871 A & B Style Retention Knobs

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• All mating surfaces precision ground
• Manufactured to the highest standards for maximum safety and long life
• Hardened for maximum longevity

Please make sure that the Retention Knob you order is the correct one for your machine. Using the wrong Retention Knob can cause damage to your machine spindle, the toolholder, and may create a safety hazard.

Item # DiameterDegreeLengthThread Size/LengthTypeManufacturer Price Add To Cart
Compare 49001 17mm15 Deg44mmM12DAT30-ATechniks $20.00 Add to cart
Compare 49003 23mm15 Deg54mmM16DAT40-ATechniks $27.00 Add to cart
Compare 49005 36mm15 Deg74mmM24DAT50-ATechniks $32.00 Add to cart
Compare 49011 17mm15 Deg44mmM12DAT30-BTechniks $20.00 Add to cart
Compare 49013 23mm15 Deg54mmM16DAT40-BTechniks $26.00 Add to cart
Compare 49015 36mm15 Deg74mmM24DAT50-BTechniks $32.00 Add to cart