Vega Hex Ball L-Keys - Long Length - Metric

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All L-Keys are uniquely made from S2 modified steel for industry leading performance • A broad offering of length, size, and tip configuration options • All drive tips are CNC machined for precise fit in the fastener recess • Through-hardened for maximum durability

Item # OAL x Tip Length (L1xL2)Pack QuantityTip/PointUnit Price Price Add To Cart
Compare HB015L 14mm x 77mmPrice reflects pack of 101.5mm$0.86 $8.63 Add to cart
Compare HB020L 16mm x 82mmPrice reflects pack of 102mm$0.82 $8.21 Add to cart
Compare HB025L 18mm x 88mmPrice reflects pack of 102.5mm$0.95 $9.47 Add to cart
Compare HB030L 20mm x 98mmPrice reflects pack of 103mm$1.16 $11.58 Add to cart
Compare HB040L 24mm x 104mmPrice reflects pack of 104mm$1.20 $12.00 Add to cart
Compare HB050L 28mm x 116mmPrice reflects pack of 105mm$1.47 $14.74 Add to cart
Compare HB055L 29mm x 127mmPrice reflects pack of 105.5mm$1.62 $16.21 Add to cart
Compare HB060L 32mm x 138mmPrice reflects pack of 106mm$2.27 $22.74 Add to cart
Compare HB070L 34mm x 148mmPrice reflects pack of 107mm$3.12 $31.16 Add to cart
Compare HB080L 36mm x 158mmPrice reflects pack of 108mm$3.56 $35.58 Add to cart
Compare HB100L 40mm x 168mmPrice reflects pack of 1010mm$5.43 $54.32 Add to cart