Vega Magnetic Bit Holder 1pc Stainless Steel Construction w/C-Ring - 1/4"

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High performance stainless steel, ideal for environments where corrosion and rust is severe. High strength industrial magnet. C-ring locks around corresponding grooves in bit firmly to hold it in place.

Item # LengthOutside DiameterManufacturerUnit PricePack Quantity Price Add To Cart
Compare 1150MH1CD 6 in.433 inVega Industries$11.525 $57.60 Add to cart
Compare 1100MH1CD 4 in.433 inVega Industries$8.825 $44.10 Add to cart
Compare 154MH1CD 2 1/8 in.433 inVega Industries$4.365 $21.80 Add to cart
Compare 159MH1CD 2 3/8 in.433 inVega Industries$4.805 $24.00 Add to cart
Compare 175MH1CD 3 in.433 inVega Industries$5.025 $25.10 Add to cart
Compare 1200MH1CD 8 in.433 inVega Industries$13.585 $67.90 Add to cart
Compare 1250MH1CD 10 in.433 inVega Industries$17.105 $85.50 Add to cart
Compare 1300MH1CD 12 in.433 inVega Industries$20.685 $103.40 Add to cart