Vega 1/4" Square - Adapters & Extensions

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Made from S2 modified shock resistant steel for professional performance and durability. Precision controlled heat treatment for extreme durability and wear protection. Ball lock provides quick change outs, while pin lock provides extra security and safety.

Item # LengthLock TypeMale SquareManufacturerUnit PricePack Quantity Price Add To Cart
Compare 150ADB14 2 inBall Lock1/4 inVega Industries$1.305 $6.50 Add to cart
Compare 175ADB14 3 inBall Lock1/4 inVega Industries$2.805 $14.00 Add to cart
Compare 1100ADB14 4 inBall Lock1/4 inVega Industries$4.4010 $44.00 Add to cart
Compare 1150ADB14 6 inBall Lock1/4 inVega Industries$5.2010 $52.00 Add to cart
Compare 150ADP14 2 inPin Lock1/4 inVega Industries$3.505 $17.50 Add to cart
Compare 175ADP14 3 inPin Lock1/4 inVega Industries$2.925 $19.60 Add to cart
Compare 1100ADP14 4 inPin Lock1/4 inVega Industries$4.6810 $46.80 Add to cart
Compare 1125ADP14 5 inPin Lock1/4 inVega Industries$4.9810 $49.80 Add to cart
Compare 1150ADP14 6 inPin Lock1/4 inVega Industries$5.4610 $54.60 Add to cart
Compare 1200ADP14 8 inPin Lock1/4 inVega Industries$11.6810 $58.40 Add to cart
Compare 1250ADP14 10 inPin Lock1/4 inVega Industries$13.1210 $65.60 Add to cart
Compare 1300ADP14 12 inPin Lock1/4 inVega Industries N/A Add to cart