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Diablo® Tools 4"x36" Sanding Belts

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Diablo’s 4″ x 36″ sanding belts with breakthrough innovations that improve performance, extend sanding life, and increase productivity. Featuring a premium zirconium blend, these belts remove material faster than other sanding belts and offer an extra long sanding life.

Clog-SHIELD™—Diablo’s own proprietary blend of grinding agents that reduces pitch build-up and clogging. ENDURA-BOND™—a specialized high strength resin provides superior grain bonding system for extreme durability. Premium zirconium grain blend is a superior quality formulation designed for fast material removal and long sanding life.

For use on belt sanders in wood, metal, and plastics.

Available in single packs.

Suggested Projects: Paint Refinishing, Deck Surface Prep and Reconditioning, Floor Refinishing, Wood Furniture Building and Refinishing, Project Construction

Item # ManufacturerApplicationBackingGritGrit BlendRecommended ForUnit PricePack Quantity Price Add To Cart
Compare DCB436050S01G Diablo ToolsWoodCloth50 (Coarse)Zirconium Blend4 x 36 in Sanding Belts for surface leveling & heavy stock/paint removal$4.745 Pack of 1 Belt $23.69 Add to cart
Compare DCB436080S01G Diablo ToolsWoodCloth80 (Medium)Zirconium Blend4 x 36 Sanding Belts for moderate stock removal$4.745 Pack of 1 Belt $23.69 Add to cart
Compare DCB436120S01G Diablo ToolsWood, Metal, PlasticCloth120 (Fine)Zirconium Blend4 x 36 in Sanding Belts for final sanding applications$4.745 Pack of 1 Belt $23.69 Add to cart

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