Amana Tool Rosette Cutter System Knives & Accessories/Parts

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The only Rosette Cutter featuring replaceable carbide-tipped insert knives. Sixteen different standard knife profiles available along with three sizes of blank knives for custom grinding. The only Rosette Cutter with an optional shaper cutter head to make matching moldings. Precision balanced for high speed operation on a heavy-duty drill press, milling machine, lathe, or shaper.

All cutter bodies are manufactured using the highest quality tool steel. The Rosette Cutter works well in softwoods, hardwoods, MDF, and solid surface materials such as Corian®, Gibraltar®, Surell®, etc.

Complete Rosette Cutter System Important Ordering Instructions: 1) Select the desired product number for either the Rosette cutterhead, shaper head, or both. 2) Knives must be ordered separately and you must order two of each of the selected knife for proper operation. 3) The Rosette cutterhead is designed to be used with a heavy-duty drill press, milling machine, or lathe. Do not attempt to use this product in a light-duty drill press, portable electric drill, or router. 4) Suggested initial speed for a drill press, etc., is 800 RPM with a slow feed rate. Increase RPM if tool is cutting too slowly. Conversely, if burning occurs, decrease RPM. 5) Maximum RPM 5,000 (Rosette Cutter) and 10,000 (shaper cutterhead only).

* These knife patterns will cut either a standard recessed rosette or a rosette “button.”

 Note: Two of each knife is required for proper operation. Order knives separately, knives not included.

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Item # SizeSpecs-Misc Price Add To Cart
Compare 59700 Special 1 in x 3/4 in shaper cutter bushing $13.50 Add to cart
Compare 59520 1 15/16 in wide blank carbide-tipped knife for use in Rosette Cutter Systems $68.14 Add to cart
Compare 5008 3 mmReplacement 3mm hex key $6.45 Add to cart
Compare 67008 6 x 1.0 mmReplacement special screw - 6 required $2.06 Add to cart
Compare BU-564 Replacement bushing. 2 Required Per Cutter. Each item number consists of one of each. $14.78 Add to cart