Item # LSP1060A, Everlast 10" Diameter 60-Tooth5/8" Bore 0.087" Plate 0.125" Kerf Standard Purpose Cut-Off Saws - Alternate Top Bevel


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Ideal for table saw use to provide fine finishing cuts in plywood, veneered panels, single-sided laminated panels, masonite (coated or uncoated), along with crosscutting in hard or soft woods. Use blades with more teeth when sawing thinner materials to provide quality cut and finish.  All blades feature expansion slots with copper plugs to reduce noise, dissipate heat, and attenuate vibration during the cutting process.

Alternate Top Bevel - ATB - Each tooth has top bevel typically between 10 and 20 degrees. Two teeth are required to provide a full kerf cut. Provides low cutting pressures, which reduce material tearing during the cutting process and provides a fine cutting finish. Best performance cross cutting.
Diameter10 in
Bore5/8 in
Kerf0.125 in3.2 mm
Plate0.087 in2.2 mm

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