Item # PC 17-110, Freeborn Door Edge Top Cutter 3/4 to 7/8" Material (32 mm Hinge System) - 1-1/4" Bore (Pro-Line), 3-wing, 3-1/16" Minor Dia


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Manufactured with 15º SHEAR to produce optimum cuts both with and across grain.

Counterclockwise rotation with wood fed face up.

Any top cutter is designed to nest and run with any bottom cutter.

Opposite rotation available.

Bottom cutters for 32 mm Hinge Systems are designed to nest and run with any top cutter listed.

Selection of bottom cutter should depend upon the distance of the bored hole for the hinge from the edge of the door.

Manufactured to the same specifications as all top cutters.

Major diameter varies with depth of cut.

Top Cutter Only.

Pro-Line Shaper Cutters

  • 3 wing

  • 3-1/16" minor diameter

  • 1-1/4" bore

Bore1-1/4 in
Major DiameterVaries with Depth of Cut
Minor Diameter3-1/16 in
Material Thickness3/4 in to 7/8 in
Style1-1/4 in Bore (Pro-Line)

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