Item # 804-810, Mastercut 2 Flute Upcut Spiral (High Impact)


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Material Finish-Top: Poor
Material Finish-Bottom: Excellent

2 flute routers work well with harder materials, providing an excellent finish to the material.

Upcut routers are used when a good bottom finish is desired on the material. Chips flow in an upward direction.

Spiral flute router bits should only be used in automatic feed operations. They’re good for use on all materials.

Plunge (Fishtail Point) are the most commonly seen end points in the wood router industry. They’re perfect when a rigid plunge point is required.

Cut Height/Length1 1/4 in
Diameter1/2 in
End Pt TypePlunge (Fishtail)
Flute GeometryUpcut
Helix Angle30º
Overall Length3 in
Shank1/2 in