Item # 51684, Amana Tool CNC 118° Point Spade Drill 3/16" D x 9/16" CH x 3/16" Shank Router Bit -Solid Carbide, 2 Flute


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Used to drill very short, shallow holes in hard (or hardened) steel. They can be used either in CNC or drill presses.

Note: Make sure your drill press runs fast and has a tight spindle.

Excellent for Drilling:
Stainless Steel
Cast Iron
*Cermets are composites in which ceramic materials and metals join together.

Warning: Inspect cut quality and adjust feed and speed accordingly. Care should be taken to observe proper feeds and speeds according to the workpiece material to avoid damage.

Note: For optimal results and extended tool life, use mist lubricant system or air cooling.

Diameter3/16 in
Cut Height/Length9/16 in
Overall Length2 in
Shank3/16 in