Item # 47093, Amana Tool Flush Trim 2-Flute Carbide-Tipped 3/8" Dia x 1 1/4" x 1/4" Shank Router Bit With Ball Bearing Guide


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Use this flush trimming bit for laminate work or for template and pattern work. For template application, the bearing follows the template, while the cutting edges trim the workpiece. With the router handheld, the template is on the bottom of the work. With a table-mounted router, the template is on top.  Excellent for template work.

A two-flute bit is a good general-purpose choice, providing fast cuts and good finishes; excellent for template work. For extremely smooth finish, choose the three-flute configuration; it's especially good to use on laminates that tend to chip easily. For a super-smooth finish, use a four-flute bit; feed rate is reduced and chipping is virtually eliminated.

AMAX Extended Life Features:

200% longer life-time even when working with abrasive materials
Superior geometric design
Advanced grinding technology that improves the carbide's resistance to wear
Super clean cuts

Sample, 2 Flute -
Cut Height /Length1 1/4 in
ManufacturerAmana Tool
NoteUse bearing #47702
Overall Length2 3/8 in
Shank1/4 in