Item # 0904204, Hougen Portable Magnetic Drills HMD904


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The drill of choice for fabrication. Lightweight, powerful, versatile

Completely redesigned with additional features

-Pilot light for low light conditions and greater hole accuracy
-New: two stage magnet. Engages full power when motor is on
-New housing and slot drive arbor system
-Positive slug ejection
-Many accessories are available
-Lift detector safety system
-Gravity fed coolant system
-Carrying case included
-One year warranty

Swivel base adds even greater versatility
-Precisely line up your pilot with the hole's center location
-One stroke lock and unlock handle
-Great for horizontal, overhead, tight areas & getting out over another piece of steel
Part Descp.HMD904 Drill
Cut Depth2 in
Dimensions19 5/8 in H x 7 3/4 in W x 11 5/8 in L (499mm x 197mm x 295mm)
IncludesCarrying case, coolant bottle, drill chucks, twist drill adapter, tapping kit, countersink kit, rachet drive, portable vac pad, cutter fluid, lube
Note*NOT ELIGIBLE FOR FREE FREIGHT™™Call 817-461-7171 for Freight Charges*
Type230V (Voltage)

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