Freud RP1000 & RP2000 Panel Raising Systems

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Freud now has a revolutionary system for making cabinet doors. This system combines the flexibility of standard insert tooling with the performance of resharpenable TiCO™ Hi-Density Carbide Knives. This gives cabinet manufacturers the ability to offer over 10 different styles of raised panels for cabinet doors at a fraction of the cost of fixed knife cutters. Additionally, these cutters have a specially designed raised panel knife that will leave cross grain cuts as smooth and splinter-free as cuts with the grain. The head is manufactured out of high grade aircraft aluminum, so weight is kept to a minimum while strength is maintained. The Anti-Kickback Design of the head reduces the likelihood of kickbacks.

The basic system, RP1000, consists of the cutter head only. Profile knives can be purchased separately. The RP2000 contains the cutter head, straight profile back cutter RP-OPS, and five sets of profile knives for 5/8″ stock and 3/4″ stock when using the back cutter. Both sets are packaged in a sturdy case for convenient storage.

This raised panel cutter system can be used either with the Performance System® Rail and Stile cutter or with standard fixed wing rail and stile cutters.

EOASAW - Freud RP1000 & RP2000 Panel Raising Systems

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